Why be green?

In his recent opinions article for the New York Times, Stanley Fish outlined a struggle that many people experience when attempting to live a “green” lifestyle.  It is just inconvenient.   Fish refuses to change to a more earth-friendly way of living because he wants to be comfortable.  What is this obsession that Americans have with comfort?  In the most recent generations, it seems to be a given that life will be comfortable in almost every aspect.  Especially compared to other cultures, Americans are cocooned in their own world without any true connections to other people.  

Perhaps this is why that so many people find it hard to make a change that have vague benefits that may be more helpful to the future than to the present.  Added a recycling program to your daily life may add more time to your day, but it does reduce the amount of trash that is choking our landfills.  Reducing the amount of carbon released in the atmosphere that you personally cause may mean walking more often, but it will help the climate of the earth remained balanced.  

Even though these benefits seem distant and immeasurable, there are some personal benefits to the small changes.  When choosing to consume less, money can be conserved.  Buying local and organic promotes a sense of community that is lost in American culture.  The quality of life can be improved if people focus on quality instead of quantity.  It is all about priorities.


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