EXTREME dedication

There are always those people who manage to make efforts that are above and beyond everyone else, and it is trendy is to blog about them.  I was browsing other blogs, and I came across the story of a woman who gave up plastic for an entire year.  Can you imagine a year without plastics of any kind?  It seems that plastic really does affect everything that we use today.  Food is packaged in it, along with cleaning and hygiene products.  Even paper cups have a thin layer of plastic in them.  You may wonder, why is plastic so bad?  For me, it is the thought that all of those plastic containers that I toss away are going to end up polluting the roads or being stuffed in a landfill somewhere.  Most plastics will outlive their owner, and some people claim that they might contain carcinogens (leads to cancer).  No matter what you believe, it is a given that plastic is everywhere.  So if you are interested in giving up a little bit of plastic, I am really impressed by the list that Jeanne Haegele included on her blog. One thing that I would really like to work on is eating out less.  This would save all the packaging from that, plus save money as well.  Also, I want to stop drinking from water bottles and just use a refillable bottle instead.  I wonder if Starbucks will let me use by coffee mug instead of a paper cup?  I must investigate this.


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