Green living and the financial crisis

With the elections taking place tomorrow (wow, my first time to vote in a presidential election… momentous), my mind has been turned to the financial situation of the country.  For the first time in my lifetime, America is faced with the consequences of some bad financial decisions, most of which I don’t even understand.  I do know that it will effect all of us.  It is weird to think that a green sustainable lifestyle might be a remedy to some of our financial problems.

Most people equate living green with expensive house rennovations and pricy organic foods, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Imagine if people did not own three cars in one family, and spent less on gas and electricity.  They would save money while benefiting the environment.  If people grew a few of their own vegatables, or bought locally, local businesses would improve and people would be healthier.

This article from the New York Times explains how the green industry has saved one small town from economic extinction.  The people whose lives were changed by NAFTA and the closing of their Maytag factory are now finding new hope in building the parts for wind turbines.  If the economy could receive more boosts from industries such as these–a unexplored part of job markets that have extreme potential–more Americans could reclaim some resemblance of order in their lives.

Of course, even new lifestyles such as these will not solve all of the world’s problems.  Until people can realize that “more” is not always equivalent to “better”, it is likely that problems with too much debt and too little oil will keep resurfacing.  Attitudes must be readjusted, eyes need to be opened, and some powers that control our economy need to change.  Just take a look at the poverty around you, whether it is on the streets of your town or in another country.  That should be more than enough to give you motivation.


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