Idea overload

There seems to be a lot of environmental things that I want to talk about today, so I think I might just write about a smattering of things.
I have seen several speculations about Obama’s presence at Copenhagen next December for the renewal of the Kyoto c.  Several grassroots groups have been advocating his presence there, such as Bill McKibben’s 350 initiative and MoveOn.  However, this article in the L.A. Times talks about how Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is planning an international environmental conference in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, Nov.  18.  One of the topics that will be addressed will be the deforestation of Brazil.  This effort, while not able to document treaties, is historic because states are evaluating their economies under the light of ecological concerns.  California is also the worlds eighth largest economy, so what they do will be mimicked by other states and regions of the world.
The article also mentioned that China does not want to ratify a cap on carbon emissions because it might limit their industrialization.  I wonder if the United States might harbor similar feelings.
I know that I have mentioned the correlation between the economic crisis and the need for green in our country, but I saw this article today in the opinions section of The New York Times.  Al Gore presents an interesting argument about one solution to more than one problem.
It is an interesting read, and the most compelling part for me, as a young reader, was his mention of President John F. Kennedy and his challenge for Americans to put a person on the moon within ten years.  The young generations took up his call to action in eight years and two months.  On that day, the average NASA engineer was 26.
The younger generations finally have the opportunity to make a difference and address issues that are vital to our nation and to the world.  I recently came across a section of Isaiah that encourages me in situations such as these.  Click here to read Isaiah 58:6-14.
Here are a few local things that have been happening on Oklahoma Christian University’s campus.  A few of the bible professors have agreed to sponsor a student-led garden on the campus.  All the produce would go to the cafeteria (hurray for fresh veggies on the salad bar!) and the cafeteria would compost its food for fertilizer.  Talk about a win-win.
Also, check out the following opinions articles on OC’s Talon.  Drew Sandlin’s letter to the editor has sparked some intense debate on the role of a Christian in the green movement, and while his argument was insulting to many, I am glad that so many people do feel like we are called to true stewardship of the earth.  Disrespecting the earth—a special GIFT from God to be protected and utilized by humans—is just like harming our own bodies, which, like the earth, are not permanent.  What an irreverent way to treat the Creator of the universe.  Not to mention the fact that the overspending of the Western world has caused immeasurable suffering throughout impoverished countries.  These two reasons alone are enough for me to want to treat the earth a little kinder.  Through those actions, it is another act that can display a Christ-love to other people.


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