Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

It is incredibly windy outside.  According to the weather forecast, our area might actually have snow sometime soon.  However, the cold wind is really what describes winter in Oklahoma, and today it is in Edmond in full force.

Just today I turned in an advertising project about wind energy.  I never knew too much about it, but after doing some research, I really think it is a viable way for America to replace some of their foreign oil dependency.  The Pickens Plan was what I studied in particular, and some of the facts on its website were shocking to me.  For instance:

  • Seventy percent of our oil is imported from foreign shores.
  • Seven hundred billion dollars will be spent on oil this year alone, which is four times the cost of the war in Iraq.
  • In ten years, economists expect that number will rise to $10 trillion–the biggest exchange of wealth in history.
  • Twenty-five percent of oil is used by only four percent of the world population.
  • A Stanford University study found that there is enough wind power in the world to produce the global demand of power–multiplied by seven.
  • The windy stretch from North Dakota to Texas has the potential to produce at least 20 percent of America’s energy needs.

Now here is where it gets even more interesting.  With 20 percent of our electrical needs taken care of by wind power, the natural gas (a cleaner burning fossil fuel) that is used to heat homes could be transformed into a transportation fuel.  Fourty percent of our energy would be transformed from foreign to domestic.  Jobs could spring from that.  Towns could be renovated, and factories opened.

I am aware that there are challenges facing this plan, or any plan to change our way of life.  That is inevitable.  Maybe the Pickens Plan is not the best way to face this challenge, but I think it has enormous potential.  I hope that President-elect Obama is exploring this and many other ways to create jobs and keep America truly free.  As long as we are a slave to our oil suppliers, we can never truly have the freedom for which America stands.


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