Unexpected blessings

Have you ever had one of those moments when a complete stranger profoundly affects you?

I just did, and it happened in the most unlikely place:  Buffalo Wild Wings.

Normally when we go to B-dubs on a Thursday night it is packed with younger people, all crowded around tables with their friends, just enjoying the end of the day and the beginning of the weekend.  But tonight, one older gentleman sat at a table against the wall.  I noticed him, only because he smiled at me when I was speaking to some other friends sitting nearer to him.

After we got our food, a guy younger than me, Austin, came up to our table and asked how he could bless us.  We asked him to pray for the food, and he did so.  We took the whole thing pretty lightly, but the guy sitting at the table noticed it.  So, when he left, he came up to our table and encouraged us for praying at the restaurant.

It was a little out of the ordinary, but when our waitress sat down at our table, she told us the rest of the story.  Apparently the mystery man told his waiter that he wanted to pay for our ticket, and he gave twice the amount of money needed to our waitress… she got a $30 tip from a man that she didn’t even serve.  Even better, we got to tell her why he paid for our ticket–just because of one question:  How can I bless you?

There is no way to tell how that money will bless our waitress.  There is no way of knowing how many people will hear that story from any of us who received that blessing tonight.  But I do believe that God knows, and He is in control of all of it.

I just wish that I could be more like Austin, and more like the mystery man.  I want to bless people when they need it and even when they don’t need it.  God can use both situations equally.


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