My home away from home

One of my new-found frustrations with the college lifestyle (probably just a symptom of senioritus) is the fact that every part of your life takes place under one umbrella of busyness.

Take this summer, for example.  I worked. When I left the office, I really left the office.  I didn’t take work home with me, or worry about it after hours.  It allowed a lot of relaxation on my off-hours.

But this semester everything is all crazy, and jumbled into one place.  I go to class, and that becomes my work.  I do homework all the time, I edit stories, I create PR pieces.  There is hardly any separation between work and play.

That is why having a pretty little apartment is so important to me.  It is my source of consistency. I know that if my room is bright and clean, my day will feel better.

My roommates and I were lucky enough to score the best apartment on campus, in my opinion.  We each have our own room, two bathrooms, a nice kitchen, living area, and laundry room.  It’s cookie-cutter, but as far as college living goes, it’s pretty divine.

Each of our rooms reflect a different personality, too.  Mine is just all over the place, so I will show it off a little bit.  You can tell me what kind of personality I must have.


Check out my matryoshka doll bokeh! This is my own little collection. I have one from Mexico, one from Germany, and two from the Ukraine.


Of course I have a love affair with books, but I have never owned bookends. I found this set at Target, and I just love it. Right now they hold my bible study books.


This is my favorite.  I found these at Hobby Lobby, and these little silhouettes hold my scarfs.  Here is a better look at how they function:


I just realized that I wrote this whole post without putting a picture of my whole room.  Oops. Oh well, now you have seen my favorite pieces.


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