I’ll admit it, I am regressing.

I always thought that technology always moved in a progressive fashion.  You know, you start with the bag phone always attached to your car, then you move up to the giant flip phone, and then the Nokia phone, and then the Motorola RAZR, and then to the phone with a QWERTY keyboard, and then, finally, to the “smart” iPhone.

And so far, this is how my life has worked. I jumped from almost no technology in my life (not even a real TV!), all the nicest technology one can have.

But now, I am kind of over it.

This entire semester, I have noticed that technology only serves to stress me out.  When you wake up and have 20 emails each day, most of which require your explicit attention, and half of which you must respond to, it just gets a little overwhelming. Because of this, I have cut my time spent of Facebook by more than half.  I find no happiness in stalking people online anymore (shocking, I know) and the 140 characters that amused me so much on Twitter just aren’t interesting anymore.

My friend Karissa talked about her similar problems with Twitter a few days ago on her own blog. Twitter, Facebook, and even the blogs that I read regularly , give people a false since of friendship that just doesn’t make sense. I now know exactly what my classmate did before class, and I know who is dating whom, and which person went to the weekend basketball game, all because of the Internet.

I know, I know, the Internet brought the world together. People on two different continents can talk at the same time, which is just fine.  But what good is it when you don’t even talk to your next door neighbor or your roommate?

Recently I have been reading a book entitled Margin by Richard Swenson. It’s a pretty interesting work, and it challenges me to think about how I spend my time.  I have a confession to make:  I can’t do it all. While I am sure all of YOU know this about me, it is something I have to convince myself of daily.  And stepping back from technology helps me see that I don’t have to do everything.  If I don’t check my email over a weekend, the world still moves on without me, and I am just fine with that.


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