Spring Sing woes

Walking anywhere is a challenge for me. I seriously can barely sit down. It’s not that I am a wimp when it comes to dancing; but when I get out of shape, it takes a few days to get my muscles used to moving again! Being sore is about the only complaint I have about Spring Sing though. So far I LOVE the show. We have learned half of it. The Gamma Rho flight attendants are ready to take off! Or we will be, at least.

Last year, we were Pippi Longstocking:

And the year before that, we were Miss Piggys:

And this is a general idea of what we will look like this year:

So, even though Spring Sing dominates my time (on top of work, the Talon, and school, and the rest of my life), I still love it. Performing for all my friends and family is always a really great experience. Some of my best college memories took place during Spring Sing.

Thank you, Ken Adams, for creating Spring Sing at OC way back in 1969.

My life would not be the same without you.


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