For some reason, I have blog theme ADD. I cannot stick with one theme for longer than three posts, and I think I have discovered a reason behind this inconsistancy.

You see, I am not computer savvy enough to discover how to have a cute, unique theme for WordPress blogs. In fact, there aren’t too many sites out there with WordPress themes, so I have to go to other lengths to make my blog acceptable to the eye. This last time, I thought I had it perfect.  I used the photo editing services over at Picnik to edit this Shabby Blogs header, and it worked out pretty well with this theme. It’s cute, but not too floofy (floofy–adv. to have excessive amounts of cuteness. Ex: Kaylee’s dorm room is a bit floofy.), and I think the colors and theme coordinate quite well. (By the way, I love being floofy. I just know that the whole world doesn’t love it quite as much as I do.)

But yesterday, I included pictures for the first time in a while. Where did the right half of them go?! I just assumed that this blog would take care of my photos so they wouldn’t get cut off, but NO. They are chopped off at the sides, and I don’t appreciate it. And when I went to look for another theme that would leave my photos their normal size, my cute header would not work. Blah.

Why can’t this be as simple as Blogger? I can just download a precious theme, and it’s not hard. It’s simple HTML cut-and-paste action.In fact, I almost moved to Blogger this year, but I couldn’t justify it since I am SO BAD at blogging. So I made my choice to do better on this blog, or don’t do one at all.

But who said life was supposed to be easy, right? I must “grow where I am planted”. And I am planted, at the moment, at WordPress.

Now, I just need to figure out how to make these pictures better!


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