Spring Sing 2010–Street Symphony

Well, the event that DOMINATES my life during the springs semester is over.

Spring Sing, you’ve been a good friend to me. I am going to miss you.

But honestly, after doing seven shows and leading several campus tours, I am kind of glad the experience is over. What am I going to do with all the extra time, you ask? I am going to be more faithful to this blog, I am going to actually do homework (maybe), and I am going to enjoy the last few weeks of this semester.

But first I wanted to leave you with a few videos and pictures of the weekend event!

We are actually graduating a ton of people from Gamma this year… and 34 of us were in spring sing! It was so much fun! Also, note how together the first row is… LOVE IT.

This is my Gamma family, and 6 out of 7 of us did spring sing, which is pretty good odds. Great job, ladies!

Here are Abigail and Laura with me… check out our over-the-top stage makeup! I’m telling you, I am still finding glitter all over my face. It just will not go away, no matter how hard I scrub my face with soap. I do love any excuse to wear glitter, though, so I don’t mind all that much.

And here are the Vienna girls that were in Gamma. After this year… none of us will be in Spring Sing! *tear*

So just to give you a taste, here are a few of the shows… but you can find all of them on Youtube!

This is Delta’s Lumberjacks show. I can’t help but love this show. It’s just too funny.

This is the show that got first place! The men of Chi Lambda Phi… great job! This show makes me want to date a Chi guy, I will just say that.

And here is the best vocal winner, the overall faculty favorite, and the second place show! Good job ladies!


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