Day 1 of Habitat for Humanity

Today started pretty dreary outside, but thankfully that San Antonio sun came out and made it the perfect day for building a house!

Our groups isn’t starting the frame from the beginning, but we did work on the “blue board”–which might be some sort of insulation, not sure–and roof decking. (That’s what I love about this week: I start off knowing nothing about construction and then I can just throw the lingo around. But I still don’t really know what I am talking about, ha!)

I did take pictures to post here, but the connection (or something) isn’t letting me upload. Maybe tomorrow, when I am not as tired and have (a bit) more patience.

Oh, and I have also reached a conclusion: when I have children, I will NOT bring them to the Riverwalk until they are able to walk at at a normal pace. I mean, strollers could end up in that nasty river at the pace most people are going!


One Comment

  1. I’m so glad you’re blogging this week!! It makes me feel like I’m (almost) there. If I weren’t going to conference…bah. Please take EXCELLENT pictures so I can feel like I was really, really missing out (because I know I am).

    Also, good call on the riverwalk and strollers. I always feel like I’M going to fall in it – I can’t imagine having small children or strollers to keep track of, too.

    Keep having fun! I’m praying for you all every day, be safe and build that fantastic house! Miss you, rooms.

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