Good time Charlie

The past two days have gone by in a blur with almost no time to update my blog. Manuel labor is no joke, and one thing Habitat for Humanity helps me realize is the value of all the work put into construction jobs. That is some hard work, people! I can barely hammer a nail in straight, and there are guys (and probably girls, too) who are so gifted at this kind of work. When I work on a Habitat site, I secretly wish I could go sew curtains or make some food for everyone to eat. Honestly, that is where I feel most comfortable serving. But God is definitely teaching me new things this week (patience, anyone?) and I love the work we are doing.

Yesterday it was raining too much to work at the house, so we built walls at the warehouse instead. That is the most frustrating work, because if you don’t know how to read construction plans, you are pretty much out of luck. Fortunately I learned the basics last year, but this year we had too many workers and not enough jobs. We only worked half a day, and then I went shopping at the Tanger outlet stores in San Marcos. I am not normally an outlet store type of girl, but these were really nice and had the best stores–Gap, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Coach… I could go on, but I will spare you. Then a group of us went to another OC student’s house nearby, which was fun. It is always so interesting to meet someone’s family, especially when it’s a college friend that you don’t know outside of campus life.

Today we were back at our house for the week, and let me tell you this: mud is no fun. I was wishing for some dorky construction boots by mid-morning, because my feet were caked in thick clay-mud. It felt like I was walking with moon shoes, but not as fun. However, the extra five pounds on my feet probably gave me a good leg workout, so I am satisfied. The work was hard, but we did have a cute crew leader named Brian… that always helps 🙂

Hopefully I can post more pictures soon (including my stalker pic of our crew leader… I am a bit ashamed of myself)!


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  1. Hey, the “Manuel labor” comment wasn’t supposed to be a pun was it? Like referencing the preponderence of hispanic ethnicity in the construction labor force? Cause that’s maybe not so nice..

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