San Antonio wrap up

The last two days of the San Antonio trip did not go exactly as planned. For me, at least. I got sick with a headcold, and couldn’t even work on Friday. I just stayed in the hotel and slept as much as possible. Honestly, it was pretty miserable. THEN we found out that a huge winter storm was headed to Oklahoma City. We had to leave at 5 am to beat the bad weather, and the drivers considered staying in Ft. Worth instead of driving all the way back home. I am so glad that they kept going! The weather really wasn’t bad here, but we got quite a lot of snow.

Other than that slight downer, the trip was excellent.  I loved getting to know new people and working on the houses. But I am so, so, so glad to be home at school. I should have rested over spring break. After spring sing and the last week of school, I didn’t have time for a break. I just need to learn to slow down!

As the end of the semester approaches, so many cool things are happening in my life. God is definitely answering prayers. In the latest news, I avoided the awful prospect of going potluck next semester and I am rooming with my great friend Kim! I am so excited and this is such a large stress removed from my life.


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