Meet Megan

She is graduating from high school this year, and she asked me to write in her “senior sayonara” book. At Idabel High, every senior completes this project, which is a cross between a scrapbook and an essay. It’s supposed to be a cool keepsake from your high school years, and Megan asked me to write her a letter for her book.

So I did.

Megan is like a sister to me, and I realized as I wrote the letter, there was so much that I wish I had known about myself before I started college. College has been an amazing journey of highs and lows, and I was so glad to share the tiny bit of knowledge I have.

Also, Megan asked me to hand-write the letter, which just made it much more special. I forgot how nice it is just to write things down for others to see. I want to do more note-writing. Even if you are not a sentimentalist like me, it is still nice to know that someone invested in a note or letter. Emails (or even blogs, ha!) don’t pack the same punch as a thoughtfully written letter or journal.

This summer I even bought some great stationary (pictured in the photo above), and a little book on letter writing. It’s called For the Love of Letters by Samara O’Shea. I have only read bits and pieces of it, but it is on my summer reading list.


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