Vacation mode

Right now my Google reader says I have over 200 blog entries to read because I have been incommunicado for the past few weeks.  Sorry, blog world. I am just in vacation mode and breaking into “real world” is a daunting task.

However, I can’t let this summer slip away without offering my lukewarm voice to the marketplace of ideas. In other words, I will forget how to write a press release if I am not picking at the keyboard at least once a week. I need to write!

I can’t really blog about things until I get you all caught up on my life, so here is a quick recap of my summer so far:

1. My friends graduated

2. I went on a I-had-the-time-of-my-life cruise with some of my best friends.

3. I turned 22.

4. I got curls.

Please ignore the post-workout hair and lack of makeup in this picture, okay?

There are several more occurances that I don’t have illustration for but I will mention anyway: we planted a garden, I unpacked all the clutter from my apartment and my room, I made dinner for the family, I attended music programs…. it has definitely been fun. Hopefully I will add “finding a job” on the list soon.



    1. Tomatoes, cucumbers, some herbs, squash, lettuce… and something else which I currently can’t remember. It’s pretty small but it is our first year to have a garden in a while! I am excited!

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