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If you looked at my RSS feed, you would probably pass out because I get “blog happy” sometimes and start following all these random blogs about random topics. I think it is a disease.

I follow blogs on every topic from cooking to decorating to farming to fashion. It can get kind of overwhelming but sometimes you come across a blog that is just too good to keep to yourself. Well, today I have two of those to share.

Now that I think about it, blogs have actually played a huge role in my spiritual growth in the past year. Looking back, I am not ever sure how it all started. I just know that God decided it was time that I listen to His voice instead of my own stubborn voice. I felt like I was beaten and broken, and I was right. But God used the voices of some very strong Christian bloggers to show me that I was not alone.

Through honest entries, God showed me that brokenness is universal. It is human. And through that I was able to let go of my perfectionist’s pride and finally let God minister to me as a human being.

InCourage, a blog that is aptly named for its encouraging posts, was the first Christian blog that I ever followed and I am certainly glad I did. It has thoughtful posts from real people who have struggles and hang ups just like everyone else. A few days ago they had a contributor do a video blog about singleness and finding nice guys instead of jerks, and I just loved it so much. Please go check it out here! (Sorry, I am not smart or patient enough to figure out how to put Vimeo videos on here. Maybe next time.)

The contributor’s blog–In the Name of Love–is also particularly wonderful if you are looking for some uplifting commentary from a younger perspective.

My point is that you never know how God is going to speak encouragement to you. It is always in the right place at the right time because God’s timing is perfect and He never fails. I hope these new blogs can be a source of joy for you today!


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