Atlanta recap

Y’all, I have so much to blog about, including my euphoric Michael Buble concert (my heart is still pounding!), but first I want to describe my recent trip to Atlanta with the ByPass COC youth group.

I expected to have a good time and to do mission work and to see my two best friends that live in Atlanta. What I did not expect was to have my life deeply challenged and shaped by the experience. I didn’t anticipate being so connected with the girls who went on the trip and so inspired by the love shown throughout the week.

As with most “mission trips”, I found that the people I met blessed me more than I could have ever helped them. It’s funny how that works.

The first three days we worked at Atlanta Inner-city Ministry (AIM) with my friend Laura. She is the intern for the kid’s camp, which meets two days a week throughout the summer. The kids ranged in age from 5 to 12, and some of them had been coming to camp their whole life.

It was so interesting to see these kids and get to know them. What was even better was the way that our youth interacted with the people here. Some of the girls told me they were scared, but once the camp started, there was no cultural or financial difference; it was just two groups of people having fun together. We coordinated a bible camp on Wednesday and supervised a field trip to Centennial Park on Thursday.

Photo of Centennial Park courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

As you can imagine, kids and adults alike had fun on our field trip. It is like a giant water park for free!

We also spent one day doing housework and gardening for a local lady and then worked at a soup kitchen in downtown Atlanta. Each experience brought its new challenges, but despite being tired and sometimes annoyed by one another, we still had an amazing trip. I can’t wait to see how it continues to impact the participants!

Hopefully I will have pictures from the trip soon. I was a bad blogger/wanna-be journalist and didn’t take one picture. Whoops!


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