Singing balloons and devil flies

I have a part-time job at a boutique in my hometown. I love working there, but the summer can be a little slow. Even on the most boring days, something random always takes place, which is one of the best things about working retail.

Today I worked by myself since my boss had to be out of the store. Or at least I thought I was alone. Instead, I definitely had a very pesky fly for company. It seemed like everywhere I went the fly followed me. And he was fast. (Am I being sexist in assuming that the fly was male? Not sure.) Anyway, if you know anything about where I work or about the nature of fancy-schmancy decorating stores in general, you know that it is not a place for any sudden movement. It’s not like I could take off swinging at this fly, but I think he could tell I wanted to.

Each time this pesky little critter would swoop closer and closer to my face, just tempting me. Occasionally he would land on me and I would take a swing. Typically, the fly would nimbly side-step (or is it side-fly in this case?) my swoop resulting in only a sound slap to my own arm. This went on for hours. I was waging a private war between good and evil, and this fly was my enemy. Finally, I made contact with the thing and sent it sprawling on the counter. VICTORY! Score one for Kaylee!

Or so I thought.

The fly, who lay dead for at least 30 seconds rose from what should have been his eternal slumber and flew off. And he was still flying around when I closed the store for the night.

While I was fighting the fly battle, I had a customer ask for a delivery of a special birthday balloon and a gift to the nearby casino. Delivery is no problem, but since I was dressed in my sparkly skirt I knew that I would already be a little overdressed. What made it worse was the fact that I was carrying five giant balloons, a teddy bear and a gift. Oh, and one of the balloons sang a jaunty birthday tune that will be stuck in my head for the next 20 years. The casino bouncers were very amused.


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