I might get in trouble for this

Kelly over at Kelly’s Korner decided that today was the day to feature all the great single people that you know in your life…. well, I just happen to have some great girls in my life who are single, and I figured this post was my chance to brag on them a bit.

Now, none of us are clawing to get down the aisle anytime soon, but I have been blessed with wonderful friends and I think they deserve wonderful Christian guys! All of these girls are in their early twenties and live in the OKC area…. and most importantly, they love God and are just the best girls you will ever meet!

Karissa, 21

This is Karissa. She is funny, loving, loyal, passionate, musical and super smart. She is 21 and a senior music education major. She is so strong in her faith and she always inspires me to be a better Christian. Also, she has a great sense of humor and I love spending time with her because I know it will never be dull!

Abigail, 22

This is Abigail, an Atlanta native that moved to Oklahoma for college. I don’t have very many college memories that don’t involve this girl. She is smart, loves to read, write poetry and do crafts. She is artsy. She graduated with a degree in English and is starting law school in the fall at OU. She also loves to travel. She gives great advice and is so funny. And she is half Filipino!

Bailey, 22

Bailey was my college roomie for two years. She is also an English major and she is graduating in December. She is independent, classy, and a great cook. She has traveled all over the world and she reads more than anyone I know. She wants to go into publishing and move to NYC after graduation, where she has already interned over a summer.

Laura, 22

Laura and I didn’t know each other until sophomore year of college, when we studied abroad together and practically never left each other’s side. She is our southern belle, a native of Georgia, and she is an education major (early childhood? elementary? I can never remember.) Anyway, the point is that is loves kids and she has a heart for inner-city schools! She is also athletic and loves to play soccer and watch baseball (she loves the Braves).

Kim, 22

And I can’t forget Kim! She is my roomie-to-be, but we have been close friends since a fateful trip to Atlanta during my freshman year. She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is such a good listener and so in tune with God! She is an inspiring person! Also, I can’t stop laughing when I am around her (I have such funny friends, it’s like living in a sit com or something!). She is also a great singer and a fellow PR/Advertising major. We have survived a lot of lame-o classes together (basically everything that wasn’t Patterson, ha).

Me (Kaylee), 22

I guess this post really wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t feature yours truly as well. I am also single! It’s a lot harder to brag on yourself, so I will just tell you the pertinent facts. I am a super senior at Oklahoma Christian (graduating in December!) and I study Public Relations/Advertising. I love to travel, take photos, read, sing, dance and cook. I am a social person and I love being around people who love to laugh.

I just love these girls so much, and if anything, this post makes me even more thankful to have such wonderful people in my life! Love you girls!

Hope you guys are still talking to me after I post this….



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