California or BUST

I just attempted to map out our destinations for the Great American Road Trip, and Google Maps got so freaked out it stopped working.

MapQuest didn’t desert me though. It just told me that our trip will take 81 hours of driving over 5168.99 miles.

I might really be busted up by the end of this trip.

Just kidding, I am actually super excited and I can’t wait to explore all the parts of the country I have never seen.

Tomorrow is a pretty boring leg of the trip–from Idabel, OK to York, NE. So basically I will show you guys a picture of some cornfields and that will sum up the experience.

Here is a screen shot of our destinations:

I will be blogging obsessively (while I am not driving or visiting with family) so check back for updates!

So far here are the goals for the trip:

  1. Drive just as much as my mom does (I am a driving wimp).
  2. Eat sushi on the coast.
  3. Eat smoked salmon on the coast.
  4. Eat at an old diner on Route 66.
  5. Eat at a place featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.
  6. Don’t gain 20 pounds from all the eating.
  7. Win enough money to pay for college in Vegas.

Sounds like healthy goals, right?



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