Greetings from Grand Island, Nebraska!

Well, I am already failing at my first goal, because Mom definitely drove about 70 percent of the way. I mean, I couldn’t pry the wheel out of her hands. That woman is a road warrior.

But don’t worry, I’ll wear her down eventually.

Today was our first day of driving and I thought it would be a rather boring day. We didn’t plan on seeing anything in the Oklahoma/Kansas/Nebraska area, but the drive was beautiful. Throughout the drive, especially in northern Kansas and Nebraska, we would see homesteads dotting the landscape, old barns, white churches, etc. I just loved it!

I haven’t had the best experiences in Nebraska (or New-braska, as my grandfather calls it), but I decided to give the state another chance. So far it is treating me well.

I was obsessed with Laura Ingalls Wilder (of Little House on the Prairie fame–the books, NOT the TV series) when I was little, so I love all the history that must be connected with this land. And there is more history to be had tomorrow! Mt. Rushmore and another surprize. Here is a video clip for a clue!



  1. You were in Nebraska!! Wish I could’ve seen ya. I hope you are having a great time on your road trip. It sounds amazing :0

    1. technically i am still here! we are going to church today in grand island and then driving to south dakota. i so wish i could have seen you! hope you are having a good summer!

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