Greetings from Eagle Point, Oregon

I am writing to you tonight from a picturesque cabin out in the foothills of Oregon. It is so beautiful here, although I have been warned that a bear is visiting the area every night–yikes! So close to nature!

Before Mom and I made it to Sandy’s house, we spent a little time in Albany. It’s a town right on I-5 that is full of well-preserved architecture from the mid-1800s. The visitor’s center even gives out little driving tours of the historical district, which we vaguely followed.

Isn’t this house fabulous? I think it is for sale, but probably slightly out of my price range.

Oregon also has the highest concentration of covered bridges outside of New England, so of course we drove a few miles to see one.

The rest of the drive to Sandy’s house was pretty uneventful except for another awesome restaurant find, and then we arrived and have been talking nonstop since then.

Also, our host and hostess cooked us a real homemade meal, which was much appreciated after a week of restaurant meals!

I hope to post a few more pictures after I figure out what is wrong with my camera. Until then, sweet dreams, blog world!


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