Greetings from McKinleyville, California

HELLO ALL! I have got to say, I’m having so much fun here in Northern California. When we drove in two days ago, the temperature dropped from about 80 degrees to 58 degrees in about 20 minutes. The weather here is always cool, mostly foggy or rainy.

Plus Highway 101 follows the coast on one side and the Redwood Forest on the other side. So gorgeous!

Yesterday Debbie (my mom’s cousin) had us pretty busy. First we went with her to the salon where she fixed a bride’s hair for her wedding. On a side note, this girl had the longest and the thickest hair ever. Then we went to the Eureka Farmers Market. This area is very agricultural, so everyone had a great selection of lowers, vegatables, honey, etc.

Here is something you should know about Humboldt County: the spirit of the 60s is very much alive here. Meaning there are a ton of hippies! The farmer’s market was a great example of this, trust me.

Another side note: hygiene is very important. Everyone should bathe!

We also went to Kyoto, a new sushi restaurant. My mom had never had sushi before, so automatically the situation was hilarious. But she was such a trouper and tried everything! And she sort of figured out how to use chopsticks! The rolls were delicious and Debbie is friends with the owner, so he was extremely helpful. And eating sushi is one goal that is officially accomplished!

We also shopped at an antique store in Eureka and in some shops in Ferndale.

I scored an old Beatles album, and antique matchbox holder, a new scarf, some gardening tools and new dishwashing gloves! It was a great shopping day.

Ferndale is known for its Victorian architecture, so basically everywhere you look is cool. The picture above is of the Gingerbread Mansion, which used to be a bed and breakfast, but the tough economic climate forced a foreclosure. So if you are in the market, this property is about to be for sale!

Today we have even more activities planned. Debbie’s sister and her family are also visiting, so we are going enjoy lots of family time! These ladies are just like aunts to me, so I love being here with them.


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