I’m a lobster face

Despite what you might think, a day on a foggy beach still results in sunburn.

We started our day at the blackberry festival. I think this is Smoky the Bear’s cousin.

Getting some air with Madison, Mason, and Milo

Can you believe they had never taken a jumping picture before this? I think I converted them, don’t worry.

And what would a beach photo shoot be without a little sass?

This incident is eerily similar to one that took place 12 years earlier. Only that time Mason was a mermaid-man.

I’m still not sure about what its gender is.

Disclaimer: All photos belong to the superior skills of my cousin Toni.

Tomorrow Mom and I leave for home by way of San Francisco-Bakersfield-Vegas-Santa Fe. Oh, and throw in the Grand Canyon and Four Corners as well. Even though it is going to be an exciting trip, I do not want to leave! Being around this family is TOO MUCH FUN.



  1. I worry about Mason sometimes…

    Also, made pickles yesterday. With cucumbers fresh out of our garden. I blame you for this unexpected slip into domesticity…

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