Thoughts that have nothing to do with my trip

First of all, got to give a shout out to my friends Tim and Cara, who got engaged last night in San Antonio. I am celebrating for you all the way in Vegas! Congrats and yay for love!

Secondly, I encountered a slight problem with my camera over the last week. For some reason none of my pictures are in a “recognizable format”. What does that even mean? I am shooting on the exact same settings as normal, but my computer (at least on the Mac side) won’t upload them. I even used a card reader AND bought a new card just to eliminate the possibility that my cord or old card was corrupted. As you can imagine this is extremely frustrating since I have some great pictures to share with you guys.

Thirdly,  I find myself obsessed with these blog themes lately. Not blogs themselves. Just the themes.

Click on pic to see the whole site

I LOVE PW’s blog (as do most girls I know) and she just rehauled her site. This header is pretty much sums up all the design elements that I love. Maybe this can be future inspiration for a kitchen, who knows?

Click on pic to visit site

This is a new blog I stumbled across during a SUYL day over at Kelly’s Korner. I just love the feel of it: fun, vintage and colorful. Also the header’s red and blue color scheme is just the combo that I love right now.  I would love to be able to create something like this someday! Maybe if I had photoshop that design class would help out 🙂


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