Greetings from Idabel, Oklahoma.

My, my, but is it good to be home!

Let’s see, where did I leave y’all? In Vegas.

We stayed in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. I have absolutely no complaints about this hotel: the staff was beyond friendly, the rooms were beautiful, and the grounds were perfect. The resort had plenty of dining options (all of them overpriced, but that is Vegas for you) with excellent food. And the pool area was perfect. I spent my morning in the wave pool and catching some rays before we met my mom’s cousin and aunt for lunch.

Before this trip, I had never met these two ladies, and my mom hadn’t seen either of them in over 20 years. Connecting with my mom’s side of the family was the most rewarding part of this trip.

That second day in Vegas was also my allotted day to gamble. I decided to go a little more old school and gamble at Caesar’s Palace. After about two seconds, I realized that gambling is not my kind of hobby.

Pardon me if you are a gambling enthusiast, but I thought it was the more ridiculous thing. I lost $10, but the entire time I was thinking, There are starving children in the world who could use this money that I am literally giving away. Imagine how much money these casinos see each year! And think of where it is going: to line the pockets of the rich after promoting gluttony, greed, and over-consumption. Plus, the slot machines were BORING. The flashing lights and tinkling music annoyed me. I just kept thinking, Can I just hurry up and loose my money already?

If you guys like gambling, consider wasting your money on something that will actually last. At least go buy some clothes or a computer or something!

Okay, stepping off my soapbox now.

After Vegas, we spent two long days in a car so we could get back home.

The Grand Canyon was spectacular but I am a little afraid of heights. I wasn’t getting anywhere near the edge!

Our trip also included a stint on Route 66, which was very special to me. My grandmothers both travelled that road to find work during the Great Depression, so I loved seeing the same sights they must have enjoyed. Things haven’t changed much along that path.

And boy was I ever happy to see the Texas and Oklahoma state lines! It felt so good to be back home, or in God’s country as I like to call it.

I am just so thankful for a safe and fun trip. And my mom and I are still speaking, which is always a plus.


One Comment

  1. Kaylee,
    I have soooooo enjoyed your adventure with you and your mom. The pics are sooo cool and your commentaries……fabulous. I am so thrilled the two of you were able to make this trip.
    Love ya!

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