Wednesday Wanderings

So I am not really wandering anywhere this Wednesday, but I really wanted to use alliteration in my title. Plus I don’t really have a specific topic today, so this post might wander a little more than I would like.

First, it is extremely hot here. I mean, melt-your-face-off hot. I went to the pool this morning at 10 a.m. and it was already miserable. I ended up sitting in the shade and calling my dad to come get me. Which brings me to my next point: I don’t have a car currently.

About 4 weeks ago, someone rammed into my car at a restaurant. They also had amazing morals, because they stayed and told me about the accident. However, my car has been in the shop from almost three weeks. I am relying on my parents for transportation, which is fine. It makes me feel like I am 14 again. It’s always nice to revisit my youth.

This means I will be driving my mom’s car to Oklahoma City this weekend. I am so excited about being back in my second home. I have a job interview tomorrow (say a prayer for me!) and then a wedding weekend. Hopefully this will also involved a viewing of Step Up 3D. Judge me.

Speaking of weddings, something must be in the water. SO MANY PEOPLE are getting engaged right now. I’ve gotta highlight two in particular:

My friend Christy and her guy Nick got engaged at Disney World where Christy is currently working. She is such a Disney princess! Christy was my roommate after my trip to Europe, and she has been one of my closest friends since freshman year. I’m so happy for her!

Kayla and Scott got engaged this week as well. Kayla doesn’t normally wear gold glitter and a blue airline stewardess suit, by the way. I am just SO excited for her and Scott! They are the cutest couple!

It is weird to think that I am now at the point in my life where my friends will be getting engaged and starting new lives with new people. Hopefully I will in that place (eventually). Am I really this old? I guess so. But lately I am feeling optimistic about life in general. I am on a good path, simply because I know the One who is leading. I am blessed.



  1. Love love love this post.

    I had no idea you got in a wreck – something else must be in the water, because I got rear-ended two days ago. Luckily my car is fine – some ugly scratches and paint on the back bumper, but otherwise working fine. What a crazy thing to happen to you – and thank goodness it wasn’t a hit and run.

    I can’t WAIT to talk to you again – I have missed you so much this summer! You have to tell me how your interview goes – I mean it. I can’t wait to see you SO SOON!

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