Thoughts on the [Skyy] bar culture

Last night several of my friends celebrated Tiffany’s upcoming wedding in Oklahoma City. It was her one and only bachelorette party, so we wanted to have a blast and also cause her a bit of embarrassment at the same time. Of course. What else are friends for?

The night started at The Melting Pot. First of all, if you haven’t been there, you need to go. We only had dessert, but I am not sure how I lived without experiencing that chocolate fondue. Okay, so maybe that was a bit dramatic, but the restaurant is fantastic, and if you go with a group dessert is quite affordable.

We forced Tiffany to wear a sparkly tiara and a sash to indicate her future marital status, which brought on many crazy stares. Her scavenger hunt included taking pictures with different types of guys and then completing certain tasks, like getting marriage advice from a couple or having someone serenade her with a love song. Most people we met were friendly, but then we met some people who acted like they hated their life and us at the same time. We also met the absolute rudest policemen. They kind of made me doubt the justice system all together. So good job, guys!

Our night continued at Skyy Bar. I am not sure words can adequately describe our experience there. I am not much of a club person, but it was a people-watcher’s dream. I couldn’t stop watching in a mix of horror and amusement. If you are not familiar with  the term “creeper”, you could be a pretty clear picture from the bar scene. The majority of the club was middle-aged men just creepily staring at all the girls (it was ladies night). And then there were the girls who made it incredibly and explicitly clear that they were up for anything. What a depressing life.

I never want to go to a bar specifically to pick up guys. Even if I am a crazy old cat lady someday, I hope I won’t resort to that.


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