College memories: freshman year

I am officially back in Edmond for my last undergraduate college semester. I can’t believe it has been four years since I started at OC. Even though I am looking forward to my final fall here, I can’t help but look back and remember how much fun it has been.

All of my freshman year was fun in its own way, but two memories really stick out in my mind when I think of the defining moments of that year.

1. December snow day

In December of 2006 we had our first snow day. And it was a snow day of epic proportions. Being from the southeast part of the state and all, we don’t see too much snowfall. But in Edmond, the snow is real and it actually stays on the ground for a few days! I sledded for the first time freshman year and have been lucky enough to do it every year since. Also, this was the first time in YEARS that OC canceled classes because of snow. You should have heard the dorms when we got the email from Neil… jubilation is the only word that can truly describe it.

Also, when snow days happen on a college campus, it is like one giant party. Forget homework! Forget studying! It is all about staying up all night with your friends and making the pizza delivery guy drive to campus in the snow.

We also banded together to dominate the lobby and prevent any of the icky lobby couples from making out in there all the live long day. There were probably 50 people in the lobby all day, just watching Christmas movies and playing games. So fun! And definitely one of my favorite memories, because it also marked the time that I was just becoming friends with the group of people I still hang out with today.

2. Atlanta week

My friends and I always talk about how the Atlanta trip literally changed our lives. It sounds really dramatic but it is true! This trip brought me so much closer to this group of people, plus we got to explore Atlanta, GA, which is one of my favorite parts of the country. I still can’t believe we all actually went. It was my first road trip without parents. We took my mom’s car and one other vehicle and drove fourteen hours from OKC to ATL. Poor Tiff had to drive the entire way in her car!

We hit pretty much all the touristy spots, like Stone Mountain (Love that place so much!), the World of Coke, the Varsity, and various shopping places. I don’t think I have ever laughed that hard. We were constantly laughing and being silly and just being young. It was such a good way to end the summer.

I don’t know if I will consider college the absolute best days of my life or not. So far it seems like every season I have been in has been the best season of my life. I really hope that trend continues, because I have exciting days ahead of me. But I will always be thankful for the friends that I made during my college years! God has blessed me so much!


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  1. Okay! That made me cry, so thanks for that! lol You have acquired an incredible group of friends in the last 4 years, and I approve this message!

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