College Memories: Sophomore year

The second semester of my sophomore year was definitely a tough transition for me. I was experiencing culture shock, my friend groups were changing, classes required studying (gasp!), and I just wanted to be back in Europe where I could hop on a train and go to Berlin if I so chose. Really, the best memories I have revolved around rushing and joining Gamma Rho, a social service club on campus.

1. Spring sing

Spring sing at OC is sort of a holiday for me. It involves singing, dancing, performing and competitions–all of which I love–alongside great costumes, good laughs and fun memories. Spring sing was one of the biggest reasons I had to rush a club. Lucky for me, Gamma loves spring sing too. So it was a perfect match.

The director of our Miss Piggy show went to Europe with me, so that helped make the experience worthwhile. Plus the week of the show causes a severe reaction among the student body. People get crazy from sleep deprivation. It’s great.

Luckily, we won 1st place this year, which just added to the great memories of taking Chi down and ruining their winning streak!

2. Chi pranks Gamma

I don’t even know what started the fight. I just know that what started out as a routine candlelighting ended in one of the most elaborate pranks that ever graced the campus of Oklahoma Christian University. Instead of us celebrating a sister’s engagement, we just got pummeled with water balloons and flour.

This video, despite its length, gives you an idea of the amount of planning that went into this, and also some actual footage of the event.

Is it weird that one of my favorite memories is one in which I was a victim? Maybe. But it made that moment feel much more collegiate! That is what this season in life is all about: feeling young and alive. I never want to loose that.


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