Sounds of the season

There are some people in this world who truly have superior music tastes. I am not one of those people. I like everything, am not a music snob, and just go with the flow as far as music is concerned. That being said, I do have my favorites and my opinions about music in general.

I am convinced that as the seasons change, my taste in music changes as well. In my mind, some music genres just fit better with certain seasons.

For instance, in the summer I either listen to Top 40 hits or Country. Most of these songs are fast, but sometimes a catchy slow love song (like this year’s “The Only Exception” by Paramore) is also appropriate and acceptable. This is the best time to listen to songs that make you feel young, so Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Black Eyed Peas, etc. are all great artists to make you appreciate the sun’s rays!

This has been a long time favorite summer song for me, even though it is a few years old:

And this was a favorite of mine from this summer…. please excuse any bad language, okay?

Fall evokes a completely different mood. In the fall, I almost gag when I hear Top 40 songs. It is like that part of my brain goes into hibernation or something. Instead, I want to listen to more mellow, earthy sounds. The first band that comes to mind is Fleet Foxes, but I also add healthy portions of Joshua Radin, Ingrid Michaelson, Sufjan Stevens, and Nickel Creek.

This song is on an EP entitled “Spring” but I like to listen to it in the fall. Take that.

The problem is times like this. A sudden snap in temperature tricks my mind into thinking it is fall, but really it is probably just going to get hot again for a few weeks. I want it to be fall, but it is still really summer. What kind of music fits into the awkward in-between-seasons season? Not sure. I may just brush up on my MC Hammer since he will be headlining at the 2010 Oklahoma State Fair. Get excited.


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