Reasons the State Fair is like Christmas…

I love Christmas.  I also really love the State Fair. As I was browsing the fairgrounds yesterday, I realized that the two events are really similar.

  1. They both come but once a year, thus the appeal.
  2. They are magical and hold an atmosphere of possibility and adventure.
  3. They both include foods that are NOT good for you but you eat them anyway. And you like it.
  4. Both events hold an appeal for everyone, it is not just for one race, gender or class.
  5. They both have workers that make it all happen. At Christmas, it’s the North Pole elves and Santa’s helpers. At the fair, it’s carnies.
  6. Both cause children to cry in a fit of frustration. Mostly because of sugar crashes.
  7. Christmas and the fair inspire crafts and homemade candies/cookies/breads.
  8. Both have movies dedicated to the experience.
The corndog = popular fair food that I will never eat
Next year I am totally entering my pickles!
I wish I knew how to make this blanket.
Also, MC Hammer still has it.

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