Go Gamma Rho.

Being a super senior means that I am not that involved. Like, at all. But this week I felt a little guilty and I decided to participate in my “sorority’s” greek week. Turns out, I had a blast. I had some great bonding time with my Quillen family and my new sisters. I am definitely going to miss this when I graduate!

Six of us stuck around for another semester/year of college. We are the great-grandmas of the club.

Great group. I am so glad all of you are around for this semester!

Of course Greek Week would be the busiest of all weeks. I have to write a piece for the Sunday Oklahoman for work, plus I have a couple of midterms to worry about as well.

You know what I want to do? Forget that school exists, sew my Halloween costume, make scarfs, become a Zumba instructor, and enjoy fall. Is this senioritus? Probably. But I am so close, I know I can stick it out. And in 5 months, I will probably wish I was still in school.

I have a few weeks to create a Halloween costume, and I am 75% sure I am going to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The other 25% wants to be Daphne from Scooby Doo. Here is my inspiration for Belle’s dress:

Pretty simple. Blue dress, white collared shirt, white apron, and black flats. And don’t forget the blue hair bow, basket and fairytale book. And I might throw in a cape for historical accuracy.

Hopefully I can find most of this stuff at a thrift store, but I did find a sewing pattern for a dress that will work. EEEK. I don’t know how to sew that well so this may be a disaster. I’ll keep you updated.


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