Dear Santa

Some people in this world just don’t agree with any sign of Christmas prior to Thanksgiving, and if you are one of those, stop reading my post. No, don’t! I didn’t mean it! It will just be one quick Christmas post, okay?

I heard a rumor that Santa Claus is becoming techno-saavy and would appreciate my Christmas letter in a web-based format. I just can’t go against Santa, y’all. So without further ado, here is my Christmas 2010 Santa letter.

Dear Santa,

Hope all is well with you and Mrs. Claus up at the North Pole. How you live in such cold temperatures and still remain jolly is a mystery to me. Here is my Christmas list for this year. I promise I have been mostly good. All the bad stuff I did was unintentional, I promise.

  1. If possible, please bring me a job so I can pay my rent. Alternatively, you can bring me cold, hard cash. Or gift cards to eating establishments/Target.
  2. I was mainly kidding on the last one.
  3. I want to try to make my own face care products. Judge me. (Not you, Santa, just everyone else who may read this post.) I found this great kit called eSutras Nourish Facial Oil Kit, which looks like a lot of fun!
  4. Thanks to you, I will never ever be able to live without Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I am intrigued by the plum color, but rose color was a big summer hit. So just whichever one you have on hand in the elves’ workshop will work for me.
  5. This winter weather is wreaking havoc on my hands already, so I would appreciate a good moisturizer to keep them smooth.
  6. My love for all things vintage Nancy Drew + my love for helping those in need = the perfect shirt. These people donate a book to a community in need for every shirt you buy. Awesome.
  7. I am moving into a new house soon, so if you have any cute vintage decorations, then I would love them. I am really into thrift store/antique finds so don’t feel like you have to rob a Pier 1 to make me happy.
  8. When all else fails, I try to keep my Amazon wish list updated. Plus, ordering online is probably more environmentally friendly than hitching up your reindeer for a trip to the store.

As always I will have a fresh plate of cookies and at Diet Dr. Pepper waiting for you. Hope you have a merry Christmas!

Love always,

Kaylee “The Christmas Elf” McDaniel


  1. Ms. Kaylee — I have knick knacks and paddy whacks (and towels and sheets and hand towels and stuff like that) that I could send you if you want them for your new place. Let me know if you do, and I’ll be glad to hook you up with things that are “gently worn”. Also, I’ve sent curtains and mirrors and things of that ilk home with mom every time she’s come to visit me the last couple of years. I’m thinking she has those in storage at her house. You can pick and choose through those as well…

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