Do not live in defeat

I haven’t written in this blog in years, but as I transition into a new life (getting married in two months! yay!) I am looking for a “new” start.

Hi. I’m Kaylee. And I am glad to be writing in this space again.

I am ashamed to say that lately I have been living my life in defeat mode. A world of can’ts, nevers, won’ts and shouldn’ts.

But today, as I was feeling sad that I failed to stick to my clean eating plan, I felt a ray of hopeful light.

Jesus didn’t die for me so that I would live in defeat. He has already won. He defeated death, and because of that, I can live with confidence.

I have been living too long without confidence, and Jesus paid far too much for me to live that way. Instead of living in a world of can’ts, I can live in a world of “yes, I can, because Jesus already did.”

I am choosing to live in that world today.

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